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Having worked extensively in water resource planning and management for government and industry, Strategen Environmental are well positioned with regulators to assist clients through the environmental assessment and approval processes under Western Australian and Commonwealth legislation, and are able to maintain compliance and strong regulator relations throughout the entire project life cycle.

Strategen Environmental have facilitated a range of approvals necessary for development of water supplies. Our expertise includes:

  • water resources policy and strategy
  • water resource management plans; including operating strategies and land and water management plans
  • environmental impact assessment of water resource development proposals
  • water licensing and permitting
  • water quality protection; including acid sulfate soil management
  • urban water management
  • wastewater management
  • hydrological investigations.

Our capability is underpinned by senior staff with extensive experience in these aspects of the water industry in both the government and private sectors.

Strategen has expertise in determining ecological water requirements and environmental water provisions for surface and groundwater resources in order to determine sustainable yields. Our technical ability translates into management plans and general guidance that are underpinned by strong science and evidenced over time by sustained ecological health.