Ecological services

Strategen deliver and implement rehabilitation plans that provide practical, achievable and measurable completion criteria which are set out with a clear methodology for achieving required rehabilitation results. Strategen has the skills and expertise to manage the implementation of rehabilitation plans and monitor outcomes and objectives until the completion criteria are met and regulatory sign off is achieved.


The rehabilitation planning, management and monitoring services offered at Strategen are relevant to land managers, land development, local government, State government agencies and the resource sector.

As in all our service areas, the strength of our regulatory networks combined with our knowledge of approval processes enable Strategen to provide clients with the best strategic advice with respect to obtaining timely approvals of rehabilitation plans and setting up cost-effective and successful implementation systems.

Strategen has created and prepared numerous rehabilitation plans and completion criteria in a variety of landscapes which have received approval from regulatory agencies including the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (previously Parks and Wildlife), DMIRS, EPA and the Department of Environment and Energy (formerly DotE).

Strategen has particular expertise in designing rehabilitation programs that provide environmental benefits to offset significant residual environmental impacts of a project in accordance with the Western Australian Environmental Offsets Guidelines (2014) and EPA guidance under the government of Western Australia:

  • WA Environmental Offsets Guidelines, August 2014
  • Environmental Protection Bulletin 1, Environmental Offsets, August 2014

Strategen’s expertise in environmental approvals and management is complemented by a botanical services team which enables Strategen to effectively undertake on-ground baseline botanical surveys, design practical rehabilitation, manage implementation and monitoring programs and establish realistic and measurable completion criteria.

The rehabilitation team at Strategen combines specific expertise in technical and botanical services with environmental approvals and practical project management experience, to provide appropriate, location-specific and effective rehabilitation plans.