Ecological services

Meet the team - Ecologists, botanists and zoologists

Strategen has a fully qualified in-house team of ecologists/botanists who are highly experienced with the flora, vegetation and fauna of Western Australia.

With a diverse background of experience; from the private sector, to State Government agencies and research bodies, our team is able to provide detailed, quality advice regarding flora, vegetation and fauna surveys and innovative solutions to complex issues arising from the unique assemblages of flora and fauna within Western Australia.

Dr Ron Firth - Strategen zoologist Dr Ron Firth - Zoologist

Laura Stevens- Strategen zoologist Laura Steven - Zoologist

Tristan Sleigh Tristan Sleigh - Associate

Robyn Chesney Robyn Chesney - Consultant

Megan Stone - Strategen ecology team Megan Stone - Senior Consultant

Lina Ramlee - Strategen ecology team Lina Ramlee - Consultant


Our team can be reached by calling 9380 3100.