Strategen Environmental has the capability to assist the land development, resources and infrastructure sectors undertake ecological surveys, rehabilitation and revegetation works through our in-house team of fully qualified ecologists who are highly experienced with the flora, fauna and vegetation of Western Australia.


The flora and fauna of Western Australia has been recognised as one of the most diverse and unique assemblages in the world.  Strategen has worked extensively throughout WA undertaking ecological surveys.

Native vegetation in Western Australia is protected under the State Environmental Protection Act 1986 which requires individuals and/or companies to gain approval from the Environmental Protection Authority prior to clearing or removal of native vegetation. This vegetation can also provide habitat for fauna, and an understanding of the species present is generally required to inform impact assessments and facilitate approvals to develop or clear land.

As environmental approvals specialists, Strategen can provide strategic feedback and advice, as well as consultation support with regulatory agencies prior to, and following ecological surveys to increase the likelihood of successful approvals.  Our staff have strong regulatory networks and are highly experienced in conducting surveys which meet and exceed the requirements of regulatory bodies, thereby ensuring timely environmental approvals. 

The Strategen Ecological team has exceptional technical capabilities and project management skills offering an entire suite of ecological services to meet your project's specific requirements. You can meet Strategen's Ecological team here.

Flora and Vegetation

  • desktop, reconnaissance and detailed flora and vegetation surveys
  • targeted Threatened (rare), priority flora and weed surveys
  • baseline vegetation and multi-season/year revegetation monitoring
  • vegetation community and condition mapping
  • opportunities and constraints assessments
  • wetland reclassification surveys and approvals
  • riparian vegetation assessments
  • groundwater dependant ecosystem studies
  • mangrove monitoring
  • weed surveys and management plans
  • preparation and Native Vegetation Clearing permit applications
  • vegetation monitoring and rehabilitation design - including Ecosystem Function Analysis.


  • level 1 and level 2 fauna surveys
  • fauna habitat assessments (including Black Cockatoo and Western Ringtail Possum)
  • designing and implementing fauna monitoring programs
  • undertaking feral animal/pest surveys and preparing/implementing feral animal management plans.


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Strategen have experience across WA

The Strategen Ecological team have experience throughout WA.