Contaminated Sites

Acid Sulfate Soils services at Strategen

Strategen has strong capabilities in the assessment and management of acid sulfate soils (ASS).

Significant areas of land in WA (especially surrounding wetlands and estuaries) contain soils which have high sulfide concentrations.  When these sulfide rich soils are disturbed and exposed to air through excavation or dewatering, oxidation occurs and sulfuric acid is formed.  This sulfuric acid can mobilise heavy metals such as Arsenic in the soil impacting groundwater resources, groundwater dependent, aquatic and marine ecosystems.

Strategen applies a strategic approach to the assessment and management of ASS that is consistent with the Department of Environment Regulation 2015 guidelines “Identification and investigation of acid sulfate soils and acidic landscapes” and “Treatment and management of soil and water in acid sulfate soil landscapes”.

Strategen offer the following acid sulfate soil services:

  • self assessment forms

  • site investigation and reporting

  • acid sulfate soil management plans

  • dewatering management plans

  • monitoring programs

  • close out monitoring programs and reporting

  • groundwater modelling to predict groundwater drawdown impacts on ASS.