Contaminated Sites services at Strategen

Strategen is committed to providing the full complement of environmental services.  Strategen have a dedicated Contaminated Sites team that provides premium problem solving and solutions to clients with issues around:

  • contaminated site investigations and management

  • acid sulfate soils investigations and management

  • urban water strategies and management

  • water resource assessment

  • groundwater allocation and licensing

  • waste water management including managed aquifer recharge

  • alternative water supply schemes

  • nutrient and irrigation management plans

  • air, soil, groundwater and surface water monitoring programs

  • hazardous materials assessment and management

  • waste management.

Strategen provide integrated solutions within related disciplines such as hydrology, hydrogeology, soil science, mathematical modelling and chemistry.  Strategen’s structure, allows for the cross pollination of ideas within the same team, allowing the attainment of a multitude of regulatory approvals.

Our contaminated sites team include:

George King - Senior Principal Contaminated Sites George King: Senior Principal - Contaminated Sites 

Dr Phil Bourgault - Strategen contaminated sites Dr Phil Bourgault: Principal - Senior technical specialist contamination

Mike Tickle - Strategen contaminated sites Michael Tickle: Senior Consultant - Technical specialist contamination

Dan Jarvis- Strategen contaminated sites Dan Jarvis: Senior Consultant - Modelling specialist

 Maree Doyle: Consultant 



Our Water and Regions team includes:

Heath Morgan - Strategen water Heath Morgan: Associate

Chris Lehman- Strategen water Chris Lehman: Consultant


In this regard, Strategen’s Contaminated Sites team can assist clients with projects in:

Land Development & Marina Developments

Mining and quarrying

Oil and Gas