Bushfire Planning and Management

Strategen utilises best practice bushfire risk assessment processes for identifying, analysing, evaluating and treating bushfire risk consistent with AS/NZS ISO 3100:2009 Risk Management Principles and Guidelines and the Department of Fire and Emergency Services Guidelines for Preparing a Bushfire Risk Management Plan.

Our bushfire consultants have comprehensive experience in delivering bushfire risk assessments to local government, mining companies and developers, including for reserves within the City of Albany, City of Mandurah, City of Busselton, and various Department of Parks and Wildlife reserves.

Bushfire Risk Assessments provide an overview of bushfire hazards and risk treatment strategies across a locality to determine wider impacts.

Statutory Requirement:

  • State Emergency Management Plan for Fire (Westplan Fire)

  • SPP 3.7 - higher order strategic planning for documents such as frameworks, region schemes and sub regional-structure plans to include high level consideration of bushfire hazards.