Strategen Environmental has a specialised bushfire team, offering a comprehensive one-stop-shop service to cover all of your bushfire planning and management services. Our dedicated bushfire unit provides professional, cost-effective services and solutions to all your bushfire planning and management needs.

The Strategen bushfire planning and management team remains at the forefront of bushfire management and are the most accredited environmental team currently within Western Australia. Strategen's accreditations include:

Linden Wears Linden Wears: Principal - Level 3 BPAD 

Zac Cockerill Zac Cockerill: Associate - Level 2 BPAD

Aminya Ennis Aminya Ennis: Consultant Level 1 BPAD (Level 2 BPAD application submitted)

Louisa Robertson Louisa Robertson: Senior Consultant Level 1 BPAD

Carli Tuner Carli Turner: Consultant

Our team understand the complex and changing requirements of bushfire policy and its technical developments, and lead the way in the development and application of bushfire management, planning and risk assessment techniques. Our bushfire planning and management consultants have the experience to provide advice at all stages of project development.


Strategen is a respected name in bushfire planning and management endorsed by industry bodies and government agencies alike, and draws on its comprehensive experience to deliver intelligent bushfire planning and management outcomes to a broad range of clients.  Our bushfire services include:

BAL assessments

Bushfire hazard level assessments and BAL contour maps

Bushfire risk assessments

Bushfire management plans

Bushfire strategic advice


Strategen has the in-house capability, experience and availability to undertake all components of bushfire management projects for local, state and Australian agencies, developers, mining companies and landowners and provides rigorous consultation processes with approval agencies and comprehensive on-ground assessment of the bushfire environment and report preparation. We take a thorough approach to bushfire management planning that incorporates:

  • advice for dwellings, structure plans and subdivisions

  • advice in regard to the Guidelines for Planning in Bushfire Prone Areas (DOP and DFES 2015)

  • implications of Australian Standard 3959 – 2009

  • bushfire ecology and rehabilitation

  • rangeland and Kimberley bushfire management advice

  • on-site fuel hazard and assessment

  • bushfire fuel hazard and vegetation mapping

  • bushfire history

  • project, subdivision and building design

  • hazard separation and defendable space

  • bushfire risk assessment pre and post development

  • landscaping and environmental considerations

  • extensive GIS and bushfire hazard mapping.


The new bushfire planning reforms State Planning Policy 3.7 - Planning in Bushfire Prone Areas (SPP 3.7) and the supporting Guidelines for Planning in Bushfire Prone Areas set out how bushfire risk needs to be addressed at each stage of the planning process. The WA State government has also developed an accreditation and training framework for bushfire professionals to complement the new bushfire planning reforms.


The Strategen bushfire team is committed to ensuring all our professionals have all relevant accreditations. Our clients have confidence in knowing that they are receiving the highest level of professional services that meet all bushfire legislative and policy standards, whilst addressing project goals and deadlines. Our bushfire team's knowledge, commitment and expertise will help you avoid approval delays, potential additional building costs and potential future insurance implications.


Strategen are the only environmental consultancy in Western Australia to hold a corporate gold membership with the Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA Australia) - the national peak body for fire safety.


The FPA Australia is the accrediting body for bushfire practitioners in accordance with the state's bushfire accreditation framework and administers the Bushfire Planning and Design (BPAD) Accreditation Scheme.


FPA Australia Gold Member corporate logo

Strategen are FPA Australia gold members