The Strategen Environmental Consultants team provides support to our clients by undertaking annual reporting and auditing for environmental compliance or due diligence purposes. Strategen's environmental auditing and compliance can identify exposure to corporate environmental risk and provide associated effective risk management recommendations. Our experienced and qualified auditing and compliance team work across all sectors to determine whether environmental obligations and management commitments are being met.


The Strategen auditing and compliance process involves a systematic, independent and documented process for obtaining and objectively evaluating evidence to determine the extent to which audit criteria are being fulfilled. Audits can be undertaken as:

  • internal voluntary audits to inform management about adherence to procedures and obligations

  • formal and mandatory compliance audits for reporting to regulators or bankers

  • an input to other reporting requirements such as performance reviews or annual environment reports

  • environmental due diligence in the process of acquisitions or mergers.

Strategen has a team of experienced and internationally (RABQSA) accredited auditors who possess the qualifications and industry knowledge to help clients mitigate corporate risk and meet their environmental compliance commitments. Our audit team aims to ensure that your organisation is "compliance ready" by undertaking:

  • formal compliance audits for reporting to regulators

  • internal audits to identify performance gaps or improvement areas. Our internal audits inform organisations of their operating corporate compliance status and make recommendations to ensure the mitigation of risk of non-compliance and penalties.

Our team of auditors are qualified to carry out compliance audits against environmental conditions, commitments, management and plans required under such instruments as the Environmental Protection Act 1986, Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, Mining Act 1978, Petroleum Pipelines Act 1969, Rights in Water and Irrigation 1914, Planning and Development Act 2005 and related subsidiary permits and licences. Audits can also be undertaken to assess compliance with Environmental Management Systems (both ISO and non-ISO).

Compliance management

In addition to conducting compliance auditing, Strategen staff can also assist in managing compliance requirements. This can be achieved through:

  • the preparation of associated documentation such as obligation and risk registers, performance review reports and annual environmental reports

  • guiding and undertaking records preparation and management (i.e. audit evidence)

  • working with your staff to raise their awareness and assist their understanding of roles and responsibilities in compliance management and environmental obligations

  • managing reminders and actions around key anniversary and reporting dates and schedules.

Strategen's auditing and compliance team include:

 Melissa Harrison: Associate 

Tiffaney George - Strategen audit and compliance Tiffaney George: Senior Consultant

Danielle White - Strategen audit and compliance Danielle White: Consultant