Sienna Wood Estate in Wungong is a residential development project being undertaken by Stockland.  The estate encompasses approximately 330 ha and includes residential lots, a town activity centre, walk trails and playgrounds and a school.  Large areas of native vegetation within conservation significant wetlands and streams will also be retained and improved to contribute to the natural character of the estate. 


Strategen undertook a bushfire hazard level assessment of the estate which classified areas based on their bushfire risk.  Large portions of the estate and adjacent land were considered to constitute Moderate or Extreme bushfire hazards which would impact on adjacent residential lots as per the original planning design. 


Based on these findings, Strategen were involved in redesigning road networks and landscaping areas (including natural streams and wetlands) to inform a Bushfire Management Plan and Bushfire Attack Levels (BALs) which has resulted in a development that is fully compliant with bushfire planning guidelines and State legislation while maintaining the integrity of the planning vision for the estate. 


Strategen’s approach and subsequent plans were endorsed by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES), the Department of Parks and Wildlife (Parks and Wildlife) and local government and approved for use.