Bushmead is a residential development proposal in Hazelmere being undertaken by Cedar Woods.  The proposal comprises two residential cells within a 273 ha bushland site, most of which will be retained and rehabilitated as conservation bushland. 


This level of bushland retention around the development cells posed complex bushfire risk management issues and required a multi-agency approach in consultation with Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) and the Department of Parks and Wildlife (Parks and Wildlife) and local government to develop an appropriate and compliant management strategy to protect future life, property and environmental assets from potential bushfire. 


Strategen prepared a Bushfire Management Plan for the proposed development in response to the range of Bushfire Attack Levels, bushfire hazards and bushfire risk impacting the site.


The management measures proposed included designing the residential cells in a way that maximised the level of vehicular access and low fuel public open space separation at the bushland interface, along with a precautionary Bushfire Attack Level response in accordance with AS 3959 and a strategic firebreak and emergency access network throughout conservation bushland areas. The approach was deemed by DFES and local government to be suitable for compliance purposes in line with bushfire planning guidelines and State legislation.