Strategen recently prepared a Bushfire Risk Management plan for the Edith Cowan University South West (Bunbury) Campus in response to the inherent bushfire risk to life and property imposed by the surrounding reserve vegetation extent. A key objective of the project was to provide recommendations for bushfire mitigation, particularly with regards to protection of university campus infrastructure.

The project involved a site investigation to ground truth the existing fire environment and potential bushfire scenarios that could impact life and property, followed by a comprehensive risk-based analysis in accordance with international standard AS/NZS ISO 31000:2009 Risk Management-Principles and Guidelines to determine the likelihood, consequence and inherent bushfire risk levels.

A range of risk mitigation options were developed in response to the risk levels assessed, tailored specifically to the on-ground conditions, including a combination of fuel treatment zones around critical infrastructure, fuel reduced buffers and a suggested prescribed burning regime. The mitigation options recommended were considered an appropriate response to the bushfire risk and following implementation, are expected to afford life and property with higher levels of protection and resilience against uncontrolled bushfire, as well as assist emergency resources during a fire suppression response in the area.