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Interpreting the Perth and Peel Green Growth Plan

22 Dec 2015

The Perth and Peel Green Growth Plan for 3.5 million (GGP) has been released for public comment, closing 8 April 2016.  The GGP will influence where and how projects are developed for the next thirty years. The GGP relates to proceeding documents released in 2015; Perth and Peel @ 3.5 million Draft Planning Framework; and the EPA’s Interim Strategic Advice: Perth and Peel @ 3.5 million.  The GGP draft seeks to deliver two critical outcomes:

  • Cutting red tape by securing upfront Australian environmental approvals and streamlining State environmental approvals for the development required to support growth to 3.5 million people; and

  • Unprecedented protection of our bushland, rivers, wildlife and wetlands through implementation of a comprehensive plan to protect our environment.

Strategen has supported clients and the UDIA in considering the potential implications of the preceding documents.  Strategen will support the UDIA’s review of the GGP and is able to assist clients interpret and understand the implications of the 3000 page GGP for their current and future operations.  Strategen will be delivering a seminar on the GGP in early 2016. Information on the seminar will be circulated in the new year. 

Please do no hesitate to contact us in the meantime with any queries or concerns.