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How much data is required to close a mine site?

17 Nov 2016

In addition to the millions of tonnes of ore, Western Australian mines produce significant amounts of data.  But, if not collected or captured accurately this information can slow down mine closure and significantly increase costs. How much you actually need obviously varies from site to site, but one important factor is the quality.


The WA Department of Mines and Petroleum Mine Closure Guidelines state that the “ability to specify closure objectives will depend on the amount and quality of the environmental data collected at the time. Therefore it is essential that adequate baseline data, such as materials characterisation, flora and fauna surveys, and/or the best available data are used for this purpose.”  Therefore the key test in assessing the quality of your data is by checking that the data collected supports the objectives.


If we stop to think about our state’s 22,000 mining tenements (which includes around 6,000 mining leases), there is an incredible amount of mine closure data currently out there. Where all this information is stored, how it is being used and its relevance in closing a mine is an interesting thought to ponder. So too is the cost of obtaining all this information, especially if it is ineffective or captured inaccurately and/or whether the exercise has been done so in the most cost-effective method for the mine site.


Strategen maintains a large multi-disciplinary team of experts that are experienced in advising on, and undertaking complex monitoring programs, including groundwater, air quality, biological and contamination for mine closure planning.


Strategen can review collected closure data and its collection method to identify cost savings, determine more efficient collection methods and develop strategies that address potential data gaps.


Don’t hesitate to contact our resources lead Mat Brook for further guidance on or 9380 3100.


More information on Strategen's mining and resource services can be found here.