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Darren Walsh elected to UDIA WA State Council

13 Nov 2017

Strategen CEO Darren Walsh elected to UDIA WA State CouncilWe are pleased to announce that Strategen CEO Darren Walsh has been successfully elected to UDIA WA's State Council.


Elected as a Councillor for a period of two years, Darren will be joined by fellow industry peers:

Jeremy Cordina

Justin Crooks

Greg Rowe

Avril Thomson

Bruce Young

Jane Bennett

Peter Bowyer

Kim Lawrance

Alf Lay

Paul Morgan

and new State President Nick Allingame.



"I am very grateful for the opportunity to work alongside this new team of elected State Councillors and new State President", said Darren.



"I look forward to putting back into the land development industry within Western Australia, so we can continue to see our city and state thrive."



Strategen wishes to congratulate Darren and all elected Councillors as they collectively work to inform and assist the UDIA throughout the next two year tenure.