How Strategen can assist

Strategen's extensive experience in all facets of project planning, implementation and closure enables us to help our clients understand and navigate the changing and often complex technical, strategic and legislative challenges faced throughout a project's life cycle.

Environmental Impact Assessment

Strategen is experienced in the conduct and preparation of environmental impact assessments for gas developments, mining, land development, water source development, resource processing, agriculture, power stations and infrastructure. 

Our process involves an assessment of environmental risk using the framework and principles of Australian Standard 4360:2004 “Risk Management” to determine the likelihood, consequences, management procedures and mitigation measures for environmental impacts.

Strategen has conducted environmental impact assessments and facilitated approvals for a wide range of projects including:

  • processing industries including alumina refineries
  • mining including iron ore, gold, mineral sands, bauxite mining and other mining activities
  • infrastructure including railways, powerlines, ports, marinas, and natural gas and water pipelines
  • water source developments including desalination plants 
  • power stations 
  • land developments.  

The constant state of change in environmental law and regulation within Australian can have a significant impact on the management of current and future proposal designs, in both industry and Government sectors.  Our consultants are experts in the application of State and Australian environmental law and are able to outline the effect of all existing and proposed legislation and policies on project operations and future development.

Social Impact Assessment

Proponents of major projects in Western Australia increasingly are turning to Social Impact Assessment to address critical aspects of their projects that fall outside the minimun statutory requirements for impact assessment.  Strategen has strong project management experience and a range of in-house expertise in Social Impact Assessment.

We work with our clients to establish a detailed understanding of the social implications of their projects, and to maximise the benefits and mitigate the negative impacts they may present.  We are able to integrate Social Impact Assessment and related services with our environmental services, which simplifies project management from our clients' perspectives.

Ideally, Social Impact Assessment is conducted in early stages of project planning.  However, Strategen's social auditing capacity enables us to "pick up the threads" at any point in a project's life cycle, understand the historical context for current circumstances, address any legacy issues that may otherwise impede impact management, and set projects on a course for enhanced social outcomes. 


Our consultants advise on approaches and prepare documentation to support approvals including Part IV Environmental Protection Act  1986 approvals, mining proposals, water licenses, clearing permits and environmental works approval and licenses.  Strategen provides these and other environmental services prior to, and during the construction and operational phases of your project.

Extensive Government agency experience of the application of statutory requirements, procedures and policy, provide us with a unique ability to facilitate environmental approval.  We also have extensive experience of the environmental appeals process.  

We prepare approval strategies to provide a cost-effective and timely approach to obtaining approval in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.


Strategen has strategic alliances with a range of well respected specialist consultancies who work as sub-contractors to Strategen.  Strategen co-ordinates and manages the scopes of work and implementation of investigations on behalf of clients.  Our consultants have extensive experience in preparing national pollutant inventory reports, and greenhouse gas and emission inventories for industry.  


Stakeholder Engagement

Strategen integrates a range of stakeholder engagement services into our projects.  Our approach seeks to understand stakeholders’ interests and concerns early in the project life-cycle, to ensure they are properly considered in development of the proposals.  We specialise in making complex issues easy to understand, and in providing appropriate engagement processes for socially and environmentally sensitive projects.

Management Plans

Strategen has extensive experience in the preparation of management plans that detail how your proposal will be managed in accordance with Government agency requirements and best practice.  Management plan topics include rehabilitation, weeds, water, flora, fauna, air quality, noise, Aboriginal heritage and marine.

Our comprehensive environmental management planning process includes:

  • relevant environmental aspects and issues
  • statutory/regulatory policy requirements 
  • management objectives, strategies and actions 
  • environmental targets and performance indicators 
  • monitoring programs 
  • contingency actions 
  • reporting and auditing.

Auditing & EMS

The Strategen team advises on the development of environmental management systems in accordance with ISO 14001, or industry best practice, and prepares appropriate procedures and work instructions to conduct activities in an environmentally acceptable manner.

Strategen has consultants who are Certified Environmental Auditors, experienced in the preparation of audit plans, protocols and guidelines, and are qualified to conduct environmental audits, including:

  • compliance audits
  • environmental management audits 
  • environment management systems audits.  

Closure Plans

Strategen prepares closure and decommissioning plans for a variety of projects.  Our consultants understand that closure planning is an important aspect to be considered in all phases of the life cycle of a project.