How Strategen can assist

Australia’s Native Title and Aboriginal heritage laws provide a framework for approaching land, mining and other development approvals with fairness and respect for the Indigenous people.

This can be a complex part of the project approvals process requiring special knowledge in the relevant laws and how they are applied, and an understanding for how best to engage Traditional Owners.

Strategen has expertise and experience in helping clients to navigate Native Title and Aboriginal heritage issues as part of overall project approvals. Land acquisition for public purposes often raises Native Title, Aboriginal heritage, and environmental issues that need to be carefully sequenced and managed. We deliver this support as an integrated part of our formal approvals and social licence services.

Strategen’s Native Title and Aboriginal heritage services include:

  • Advice about the heritage approval processes for land and mining developments
  • Supervision of heritage consultants
  • Vetting and appraisal of heritage reports
  • Strategic advice about negotiating the native title processes for mining, exploration and land developments
  • Support to negotiate Native Title agreements
  • Consultation with native title holders, traditional owners and Aboriginal stakeholders
  • Liaison with relevant Government agencies.